Design Portfolio

Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating.”

~ Don Norman

User Journey Map

I developed this user journey map using Canva to portray the process professionals go through in a bridge repair project.

Federally-Funded Research Project Website

Designed a website for a the P2ECE research project funded by a grant from the Office of Special Education (U.S. Department of Education). The goal of the project was to train and coach community college faculty members to integrate special education competencies into their early childhood education coursework. The intended impact of the program was for early childhood teachers to learn how to support children with a variety of needs, thus making early childhood programs more inclusive. Click here to explore the full website.

Resource Guide for College Faculty

Developed a resource guide for college faculty members on how to integrate special education competencies into their early childhood education courses. Each guide included a recommended syllabus, resources, and assignment templates. To explore this Bank of Resources booklets further, click on this link.

Intro Video for a Storyworld

This video was created to introduce a storyworld where animals rule. I designed this video using iMovie with images and an audio recording provided by my fellow team members. I led this project group as part of a Digital Storytelling course, and was voted “Most Valuable Player” by my team. The poster below is also part of this storyworld project.

Poster for Storyworld

I designed this job poster using Canva as part of our storyworld. We each designed posters on different jobs humans could apply for in competition with the animals who ruled the planet. It was a fun one to design and think about how we ideally want learning to be inclusive and in groups.

Online Course Development

I have designed, consulted, and taught online and hybrid courses using Canvas. I developed modules for an early intervention certificate through the Colorado Department of Human Services. My teaching experience has included teaching diversity and equity courses for future teachers though the University of Colorado Denver. Most recently, I taught Institutional Research and Analytics in Higher Education at the University of Colorado Boulder. I have coached and trained faculty over the past two years on how to design and deliver their online courses, taking into consideration the Universal Design for Learning principles.

Family Partnership App Design

Wireframe that I designed using Balsamiq to streamline the communication between an early childhood program and the families enrolled in the program. The program was using e-mail and Facebook to share menus, lesson plans, calendars, announcements, and child development resources. This app would offer a simple layout for getting this information to families. Families could review the information without feeling overwhelmed by multiple Facebook posts and e-mails. There are also an information and question buttons at the bottom if families would like to follow up with questions/comments.

Logo Design

I designed this logo using Adobe Illustrator. It was a fun project, and a way for me to learn some additional features of Adobe Illustrator.